“I don’t care what you think about what I call my child” – Billionaire daughter, HAUWA INDIMI, defends decision to name her son ‘NOAH’

Sunday, February 25, 2023 – Hauwa Indimi-Yar’Adua, daughter of oil mogul, Mohammed Indimi, has defended her decision to name her son Noah instead of “Nuh”

The expectant mother and her husband, Mohammed welcomed their son in 2019.

In an Instagram story on Friday, February 24, Hauwa said she doesn’t care what people think about what she calls her child.

She, however, shared a video where she explained about naming her son Noah.

“I do not care what you think about what I call my child. Your thoughts don’t change a thing because this religion is just not as complicated as you make it,” she wrote. “I say Islam is not complicated because it literally says the exact names you are not allowed to call your child. It says the preferred names. It says Allah’s favourite names. Please take this time to look those up too so you know.” she added.

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