I will not be attending RAILA ODINGA’s ‘meaningless’ rallies – AZIMIO politician says and asks RAILA whether he was sleeping when RUTO stole the election.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 – A popular Azimio La Umoja Alliance politician has said he will not be attending the protest rallies organized by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Raila has been holding rallies to force President Wiliam Ruto to resign, claiming he is in office illegitimately.

But in an interview with one of the local TV stations on Tuesday, former Kiambu Town Member of Parliament Jude Njomo said although he campaigned for Raila Odinga in the run-up to the August 9, 2022, presidential election, he will not be joining him in protest rallies.

“We can’t always be running up and down in the streets trying to incite Kenyans with fake narratives. 

“At least for me I will not be taking part in those meaningless rallies,” Njomo said.

Njomo also asked Raila and his supporters to move on and stop lying to Kenyans that they won the election, yet the Supreme Court and other agencies confirmed that Ruto won in a free and fair manner.

“This lie of telling Kenyans that our votes were stolen will not sell. We must accept that we lost and move on. Sometimes I wonder, was Raila asleep when Ruto was stealing? 

“Let’s stop this incitement. We exhausted all legal avenues, we went to court and it approved Ruto’s win. How was it possible for our votes to be stolen yet we had the government’s backup?” Njomo asked.


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