Internet Erupts As Embarambamba Introduces His Crew With Crazy Moves (Video)

In recent days, a Kisii musician has captivated the nation with his over the top antics which have gone viral on social media platforms. Just few days ago, Embarambamba released perhaps his most controversial video yet. Dubbed ‘Embarambamba live performance from the forest na ng’ombe’, the gospel singer was seen running around in a garden and at one point, jumps atop a terrified cow. The startled cow proceeds to throw him off its back before running off. In another scene off one of his music videos, Embarambamba is seen lying in the mud while donning a white suit.

The embattled ‘crazy’ musician has released another song where he is seen chasing People around the village and even goingan extra miles to hide in sugarcane plantation and even destroying people’s farms as he and his crew rolls around in the mud.

His antics has left Netizens who had different opinions for the the most feared upcoming kisii Gospel artist ‘Embarambamba’.

See the reactions below;

Faith Chemtai: “I think this one is a lost sheep, hajui Kama yeye ni yule runner mmoja, ama Ni village comedian.. somebody tell his wife akuje amuokote mzee aende amuoshe”

Judie Ella: “this person should join running training and bring gold to Kenya, why does he waste millions like this, this is a quality of Obiri, all this energy isn’t a joke”

Clara Wanyonyi: “Am appealing to Kenyans around this man not to take home for granted but instead start offering prayers for the peaceful repose of his soul. He might be on his last lap back home because of this are not earthly powers”.


What’s your take concerning the crazy antics by the crazy singer?

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