Just In! Fake Magistrate Arrested In Nakuru Posing To Be CS Keter’s Brother

The long-run with fraud always has a bitter end. According to Nakuru residents, they have always known the 32-year-old Victor Kiprono as a magistrate. Equally, he is known to be the brother to devolution Cabinet secretary Charles Keter’s.

So today Detectives have caught up with him in which it is alleged that Victor Kiprono is also running his own court. According to detectives, the man who has been hovering around Nakuru Law courts is now behind bars.

The detectives report that one man lost 1,664,230 Kenya shillings as a return for a ruling in his favor in a case that he was involved. When things are delayed, the man is reported to have decided to check with the magistrate register only to be told that there was no one by the name of Ng’eno as a magistrate.

Left with no option, the man reported the case at Nakuru police station in which a manhunt ensued that led to the arrest of the suspect awaiting trial in a court he wished to serve at.

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