KDF Ambush Al-Shabaab IED Base in Garissa, Kill 5 Militia

The Kenya Defence Forces(KDF) on Tuesday reportedly raided an Al-Shabaab hideout in the Harbole-Fafi area in Garissa County and killed five militia.

Acting on intelligence from locals, the multi-agency Special Operation Group (SOG) led by KDF destroyed a suspected Al-Shabaab Improvised Explosive Devices [IEDs] base in Northeastern Kenya, security forces reported.

The base served as a facility for assembling Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), with KDF recovering IED-making materials, medicine, and other assorted items.

Upon ambushing the base, the special forces swiftly engaged the militants who were hiding in the dense bushes, resulting in a fierce gun battle.

The Special OP Group received air support from the Kenya DAirforce, successfully driving back the militia. In the confrontation, five militants were eliminated, while others managed to escape with injuries.

A pursuit operation was launched to locate the fleeing militants.

“The officers seized IED materials, ammunition, and medical supplies. A number of militants also escaped with bullet injuries.

“These supplies could have been used to treat wounded Al Shabaab fighters, so their removal will make it more difficult for the group to sustain its operations,” a police statement read in part.

The team comprising members from the National Police Service, National Intelligence Service, and Kenya Defence Forces, expressed their gratitude to the local villagers for providing crucial information that contributed to the operation’s success.

It was emphasized that collaboration between the security organizations and the local community is vital in combating insurgency along Kenya’s borders.

“The success of the operation is a testament to the corporation between locals and officers,” the statement added.

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