KDF Releases Another Recruitment Program For These Regions As They Promise Credibility And Fairness

The Kenya Defence Forces,KDF, are the national armed forces mandated with sole roles defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country. The defence forces also assist and cooperate with other authorities in situations of emergency or disaster and restore peace in any part of Kenya affected by urest.

The KDF comprise the Kenya Navy, Kenya Army and Kenya Airforce. The president of Kenya is the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces, the highest ranking military officer and the principal military adviser to the president and the National Security Council.

The KDF are regularly deployed in peacekeeping missions in Africa and further afield missions like the likes of Somalia.

kenya Defence Forces recruitment is done on annual basis. However, the forces have been involved in allegations of inhumane acts such as human rights violations and also KDF like any other institutions in Kenya has been tainted by corruption allegations especially on the recruitment and procurement of armoured equipment. The latest being a case where on man was arrested with kshs 250, 000 ready to bribe for his son to be recruited into the forces.

There are numerous allegations of bribes given to recruitment officers who return favours to undeserving recruits. Although the authorities have pledged to fight corruption in the forces to enhance transparency and fairness in the recruitment exercise.

Today the KDF has released another recruitment schedule for 22nd November including the venues of recruitment accross different subbcounties in the country. So if you wish to join the forces prepare yourself properly and avoid any incidences of corruption dealings. Here is the schedule;

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