Kenyan Trending Meme today.

Kenya as a nation has a fast-growing youthful population. At the same time, Kenyans are struggling with several factors like;

1. Joblessness

2. Survival techniques

3. Family pressure

4. wasted Courses that don’t guarantee jobs

5. Expectations from friends and family.

6. Depression.

The struggles may sound too many and overwhelming, this subsequently has led to depression whose long-term effect is death. This has been witnessed in the recent past. Example Killer cop Caroline Kangogo Is reported to have taken her life due to depression.

Below are various forms of communication among youths;


This occurs when someone shares vital information and needs a cover. Example a wife may expose the struggle Of the family as she Is seeking advice but doesn’t want to be known.


This phrase”Now who will marry you” is a common one amongst youthful generation who love parties and all forms of reckless behavior. This statement comes after the youth has done several malpractices and maybe the girl or man is now focusing on settling marriage-wise.

He/she will be judged by the same people who wasted him/her in illegal sex and drug abuse. This often leads to rejection and later depression.

It’s advisable that each person points his pace and uses a language that conceals the inner feeling since the strugglees are too much to bear.


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