KIENGEI shocked to learn that his close friends have been feeding blogger KAMAU WATORIA with gossip after securing his release – Marafiki ni sumu.

Thursday, 02 March 2023 – Renowned Kameme FM presenter and Pastor, Benson Gathungu alias Kiengei, has secured the release of popular Facebook blogger Kamau Watoria.

Kamau has been a popular figure on Facebook where he exposes the rot in the Kikuyu gospel industry.

He was traced by DCI and arrested last week after a top female Kikuyu gospel artist accused him of cyberbullying.

Although Kiengei is among the Kikuyu celebrities who have been exposed by Watoria, he secured his release and made peace with him.

Taking to his Facebook account, Kiengei said he was shocked to find out that some of the people close to him were using Watoria to taint his reputation.

Kiengei said he is in possession of messages sent to Watoria by people known to him, trying to damage his reputation.

According to Kiengei, there is envy within the Kikuyu gospel industry.

Gospel artists are trying to bring each other down through bloggers like Kamau Watoria.

He urged artists to work together, adding that Watoria has decided to change his ways and he will no longer be used to damage the reputation of others.

Below is Kiengei’s post after making peace with Kamau Watoria.

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