KIGAME advises RAILA ODINGA on what to talk about if he wants to oust RUTO from office through a revolution

Thursday, February 16, 2023 – Former Presidential candidate, Reuben Kigame, has advised former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on what to do if he wants to oust President William Ruto from office using a revolution.

Raila Odinga has been holding rallies across the country, claiming that he was the one who won the August 9, 2022, Presidential election, but Ruto and rogue Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission officials rigged him out.

But Kigame thinks that Raila Odinga rallies are not gaining momentum because Kenyans are tired of hearing Raila Odinga lamenting about stolen elections.

He said the only way Kenyans can join the Raila-led revolution is if he starts to talk about the high cost of living and how to lower the price of basic commodities like Unga and fuel.

“The protest rallies by Raila Odinga and Azimio will not help Kenyans if the focus is on who lost or won elections. Fight for lowering of living standards for the suffering citizens then we will pay attention,” Kigame tweeted.


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