KIMANI ICHUNG’WAH blasts OPIYO WANDAYI for sulking about delayed March salaries

Sunday, April 9, 2023 – National Assembly Majority Leader, Kimani Ichung’wah, has blasted his minority counterpart, Opiyo Wandayi after he protested over delayed March salaries.

According to Ichungwah, their salaries were paid on Wednesday and Thursday and he should make a point of checking his account.

The Kikuyu MP went on to sarcastically say that if he finds no money then it has been wiped by his personal debts.

“My colleague Opiyo Wandayi claims his salary hasn’t been paid. Bro, check your account or manage your debts better.

“Salaries were paid on Wednesday and Thursday, maybe yours was wiped out by personal debts like our national revenues are wiped out by that debt hole the handshake regime put us in,” Ichung’wah said.

His remarks were in response to Wandayi’s Friday remarks that just like civil servants, they had not been paid.

A statement released on Friday by National Assembly Minority leader Opiyo Wandayi said MPs were yet to receive their salaries, wondering where the revenue generated was going.

Normally, MPs receive their salaries by the end month between the 26th and 30th.


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