Kisii County residents ask President RUTO to tame GACHAGUA’s poisonous tongue or replace him with RAILA ODINGA

Tuesday, April 4, 2023 – A section of Kisii county residents has asked President William Ruto to tame his deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, over his poisonous tongue.

A resident identified as Pogba explained that the Kenya Kwanza government is not bad but Gachagua’s choice of words during speeches has painted the administration in a bad light.

 “I want to thank Raila Odinga for accepting William Ruto’s call for dialogue. Ruto’s government is not bad, the problem is his deputy, he should relax and learn how a country is run. If he is not careful, I think Raila will take up his position,” he said.

The residents further congratulated Ruto and his political nemesis, Raila, for giving dialogue a chance to help the country move forward.

“I want to congratulate Raila Odinga and William Ruto for standing down on their hard political stances because nobody was winning this war but Kenyans were hurting,” he explained.

Another resident claimed that the second in command does not understand the plight of Kenyans and is a bloodthirsty leader who spews violence

 “He blamed his hangers-on, claiming that someone like Gachagua does not have the interests of Kenyans at heart. He does not care. Gachagua does not understand the plight of Kenyans,” he said.


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