KMTC Short Courses Description And The Target Group

It is always everyone’s interest to excel and make positive steps towards professional development. However, this is not always achieved easily since it requires extra effort and this included getting enrolled for the short courses in various institutions.

Today I’m going to take you through some of the short courses and their description being offered at KMTC.
HIV training and counseling services (HTS)

This course take a period of 3 weeks and the current fees charges in 24,500. The target group iare the health workers and anyone interested in working in HIV/AIDS programs.

This targets Radiographers and healthcare professionals with a solid background knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology.

Health Systems Management
Those health workers with a minimum qualification of Diploma are eligible for this course. The course takes 4 weeks and the charged fee is 40,500.
Safe Phlebotomy.

The main target group for this course are the laboratory technicians and technologists, medical officers, clinical officers, nurses and other certificate of health related course professionals. It only takes 3 days but the fees is 15,500.
Nutrition and critical care.

The course targets healthcare workersfrom all fields. The period stated is 2 weeks and one will have to pay 25,500 for this course.

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