Launching A Cow? Dramatic Scene Online As Kenyan Governor Launches A Cow

Internet brought to Standstil after Migori county governor Okoth Obado seen in what was termed as launching a cow in an unidentified location within the country. This come just days after Migori county residents slammed their Governor for underdevelopment in the country as sugarcane farmers crying foul for the silent sugar companies in the region who are not harvesting their for produce for now around three good years.

While responding to the matter, Kenyans has shared mixed reactions concerning the launch of a mere cow with some even wondering how was that possible with a whole governor and cited that Kenya has turned to be a laughing stock in front of international community.

Others refuted the matter on grounds that no governor can do such insanity and instead he was launching a dairy farm while another laughed about the type of leaders Kenya have as he claimed that it was only yesterday after a another governor used an helicopter to go open a wooden bridge.

“Launching a cow?? For what?? No wonder we’re a laughing stock before the international community. If Kenya wants to be part of the world’s leading economy, then they should be looking forward to launching something better than a cow.”

dear readers what’s your Opinion concerning the situation. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section and follow for more news updates.

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