Manchester united to lose the three points to Liverpool as FA’s rulebook states

According to the FA’s rulebook in section 8.3.4, it states that United could be found to have been at fault for the match not going ahead and see Liverpool awarded three points.

It reads: “In the event of a match being abandoned due to the conduct of one Club or its members or supporters the Board has the power to order that the match is not replayed and to award either one or three points to the Club not at fault.

However, due to the fact that the police were among those to decide that the game could not commence, the Premier League would state that the decision was not up to United.

Section L.12 states: “A League Match shall not be postponed or abandoned except:
(L.12.1.) when on the date fixed for it to be played either the Home Club or the Visiting Club is competing in a competition permitted by Rules L.9.1, L.9.2, and L.9.3;
(L.12.2.) with the approval of or on the instructions of the officiating referee; (L.12.3.) by order of the police; (L.12.4.) by order of any other authority exercising its statutory powers to that effect; or (L.12.5.) on the instructions of or with the prior written consent of the Board.”

The most likely current option for United vs Liverpool is Sunday, May 16.

Liverpool were due to play West Brom on that day and this would mean moving that fixture forward to May 12 or 13, causing those clubs to have less from their matches the previous weekend. #MUFC

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