Mapema Ndio best! RUTO’s wife, RACHEL, surprises MP JOHN PAUL MWIRIGI with an offer to find him a Kalenjin wife as debate on LGBTQ rages – Look!

Monday, March 6, 2023 – President William Ruto’s wife, Rachel, has offered to help find a wife for Igembe South Member of Parliament (MP) John Paul Mwirigi. 

Speaking at the St. Thomas Athi Catholic Church in Maua, Meru County, Rachel said that she had asked around and was informed the legislator was not married.

According to Rachel, she is willing to take Mwirigi to Rift Valley to find a wife if the legislator was unable to find one in Meru County. 

“Nilikuwa nimesema kama wasichana wa Meru hawapatikani, nataka nimpeleke huko Rift Valley nimtafutie bibi. Usikae sana, ulichaguliwa ukiwa miaka 23, lakini sasa miaka 29 at least tafuta nyumba,” Rachel told the MP who was among the congregants. 

The First lady stated that family was very important, urging the legislator not to wait for too long. 

The offer comes amid the raging debate on LGBTQ, which has seen the country unite to condemn the Supreme Court ruling, allowing gays and lesbians to form an association.

Commenting on the matter, Rachel noted that the country ought not to entertain discussions that will promote homosexuality in Kenya. 

“We don’t wish to have that conversation on LGBTQ because that is not what our tradition or religion talk about in this great country of Kenya,” she said. 


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