Meet Luo Benga Maestro Osito Who Made Uhuru, Raila And Ruto Dance Tirelessly On Madaraka Day Celebration

Some say he is the best Benga musician Kenya has ever had while others credit him for having redefined local Benga music, making it acceptable locally and beyond.

The musician has been giving sleepless nights to some established Benga musicians in the country since releasing some of his famous albums, among them Asembo Piny Maber, Nyakadenge, Tije te tek and Kama Ili Emiguonyo (the later loosely translated as only scratch where it itches), which continue to appeal to fans.

To prove his intent, the indisputable Benga star alongside his Orchestre Nabi Kings, who are celebrating 38 years, recently released an emotional, scintillating six-track album titled Dr Oliech, recorded in Nairobi’s River Road by Maina of Leemax Studio and produced by Jojo Productions.

The LP, which was released to celebrate 37th anniversary of Dr Osito Kalle’s skills as a musician and mentor has been described by many as a force to reckon with.

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