MIGUNA MIGUNA now gives RUTO a secret antidote to RAILA’s planned mass action – Look! You will never see BABA on the street after this

Thursday, February 23, 2023 – Lawyer Miguna Miguna has also reacted to Raila Odinga’s countrywide mass action threats.

However, taking to his Twitter, Miguna gave President William Ruto an antidote to Raila’s mass action threat.

According to Miguna, Raila’s threats could be neutralized if the government moves to investigate some of his properties.

He noted that you will never see Raila Odinga demonstrating in the streets if Ruto moves to investigate some of his properties which he allegedly acquired fraudulently.

“Threats by a conman are easy to handle. The DCI Kenya and EACC Kenya should open investigations on KEMSA, Kisumu Molasses Plant, Royal Swiss Hotels, Rubis Gas, Kazi Kwa Vijana, Yala River Land, Milimani Public Land, Lamu Public Land, etc,” Miguna said.

Raila has threatened to lead countrywide mass action if the Kenya Kwanza government fails to restore food subsidies and lower taxes within 14 days failure to which they will pour to the streets to demonstrate against Ruto and his government.

“We have been talking about the rising cost of basic commodities like unga, electricity, diesel, petrol, sugar, milk among others for far too long. 

“We have complained about raising taxes and we have lately talked about children dropping out of school for lack of fees. 

“Withdrawal of subsidies on food and education in the middle of a drought and famine was a reckless move. Subsidies must be restored, and the price of basic commodities and taxes must come down in the next 14 days,” Raila stated.

He also demanded that IEBC servers be opened and audited by reputable firms.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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