“Mimi Nachochea Watu” Angry DP Ruto To Malili Residents As He Picks Another Fights With Raila Odinga


Deputy President and the hustler nation chief Dr. William Samoei Ruto is currently in the Ukambani region where he is popularizing his United Democratic Alliance party as well as drumming up more support for his 2022 general election.

While delivering his speech to the residents of the Malili area Ukambani region, the second in command pick another critical fight with the former Prime Minister and the Orange Democratic Movement party leader Hon. Raila Odinga after saying that of recent he overhead Raila saying that the ‘Mama mboga’, ‘watu wa mkokoteni’, and Boda Boda riders are rubbish claims.

He went and said that the ODM boss and his lieutenants always refer to him as tribal leader and inciting people something he refuted as stupid claims asking the residents if he is truly an invites as claimed by other politicians.

This comes as Political temperatures have gradually continued to hit the peak as fresh details emerge. With this in mind, some citizens are already deciding on who they are going to vote for come to the 2022 general election.

This is going to be the source of disappointment to politicians trying to address people who have settled for certain leaders.

Watch the video here

Dear readers, who between Raila and Ruto will you vote as your next President? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section and follow for more news updates.

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