Modesta’s perspective on the struggles faced by the LGBTQ community in Kenya.

NOTE! This website doesn’t support the LGBTQ community in any way and would like to categories the context as our reader’s (Modesta) personal opinion.

Discrimination against the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender is a form gender based violence.Research shows LGBTQ people frequently make significant changes to their everyday lives to avoid discrimination.

people across Kenya continue to experience pervasive discrimination that negatively impacts all aspects of their lives.

Discrimination against this community affects the people in their workplace, sometimes costing them their homes, access to education, and even the ability to engage in public life.

Kenyan society is highly conservative, and a large majority of people hold negative views of LGBT people. Homosexuality is considered to be taboo and repugnant to cultural values and morality .

Despite this, public support has slowly been growing and various organisations are working to protect and improve LGBT rights
“Kenya is one of many African countries that outlaw homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

“All We Want is Equality”
” we are trying to live our ives and all we need is to be given the services, be treated with respect as anyone else is treated, all we want is equality”.

Although the country has a thriving civil society sector, including LGBTQI+ organisations that have been at the forefront of the cause for many years, social acceptance remains low, with enduring risks and vulnerability for people of the community” , saysPaula Gathoni who is struggling to overcome discrimination based on her sexual orientation.

All countries are obligated under International human rights law to promote and protect the human rights of all persons without discrimination.

Yet in Kenya the government push citizens to punish transgender people on the basis of their gender identity and by the failure to register an association for LGBTQ+ people, saying the decision discriminates against the rights of the community.

The LGBTQ are also part of the community ,and every part of the community have same and different rights and although same-sex unions remain illegal in Kenya, the court ruled that everyone has a right of association.

We should take time to listen, learn and understand from LGBTQ people and view things from their point, and get to know what we can do to help support them.

Be a role model of kindness and include them on various activities in the community, Look for ways that you can demonstrate to the young people in your life that they can be themselves around you.Stay informed and get involved in the fights against their discrimination.

Human rights are inherent and held simply because of being a human. All human beings, including LGBTIQ persons, are entitled to the full enjoyment of all the rights under chapter four of the constitution, not by reason of their sexual preferences as LGBTIQ but as human beings.

NOTE! This website doesn’t support the LGBTQ community in any way and would like to categories the context as our reader’s (Modesta) personal opinion.

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