MP Amos Kimunya Was voted in as Majority Leader through Bribery. Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria Confirms to BBC News 

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has admitted to receiving a Sh100,000 bribe to vote for Kipipiri MP Amos Kimunya as Majority Leader in the National Assembly in June 2020.

In an audio listened to by the lakeside team, the legislator also confirms to BBC that bribes are common within the precincts of Parliament with most of them being handed out at the Majority Leader’s office.

“It is not uncommon in Kenya for members of parliament to be paid or compensated to vote in a particular way, especially when the government has an interest in a matter,” Kuria said.

He added, “When the new Majority Leader was appointed because they were not elected, we went to the majority leader’s office and received a USD 1000 gift.”

When Asked why he took the bribe knowing it is illegal, the lawmaker said he would gladly return the money if given the chance to do so.

“I’m not sure if the money belonged to Kenyan taxpayers, but I’ll be refunding the most recent that I can recall to the office of the leader of the majority,” he said.

Queried on whether he can back up his allegations, Kuria said he knew Parliament would not admit to any wrongdoing.

“These things don’t happen on camera, and I don’t expect them to admit it, but they do happen in the majority leader’s office,” he stated.

As a result, Speaker Justin Muturi on Tuesday issued the directive after MPs asked him to call out the lawmakers for disorderly conduct.

Nyoro referred to his colleagues as sell outs.

Kuria on his part noted that the BBI Process was bogus and was secured through deception and corruption.

Source: Audio below

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