MUDAVADI’s ANC lashes out at RUTO over misplaced priorities – You cannot talk of political mergers when Kenyans are dying of hunger and insecurity

Monday, March 6, 2023 – Vihiga Woman Representative Beatrice Adagala has lashed out at UDA Secretary-General Cleophas Malala for pushing for party politics instead of addressing national issues. 

Speaking yesterday, the ANC Woman Rep told President William Ruto and his UDA Party to get their priorities right, saying they cannot be talking of a political merger when Kenyans are dying of hunger and insecurity.

“It is the time when Kenyans are looking up to all the elected leaders to deliver. Kenyans want the prices of electricity, fuel, maize flour, cooking oil and milk to be reduced,” Adagala stated.

Her sentiments were reiterated by ANC Party Leader Issa Timamy who called on the Ruto administration to urgently address insecurity in the country and the state of the economy.

On March 4, Malala gave Kenya Kwanza affiliate parties up to August to fold and join UDA, saying that they could only speak in one voice with the government if they were in UDA.

According to Malala, anything short of that would be tantamount to contempt against President Ruto.

However, the Musalia Mudavadi-allied party vowed never to join Ruto’s UDA, saying it is an independent party with high stakes in the Kenya Kwanza government.


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