NACADA Clarifies on Viral Coast Video of Drug with Zombie-Like Effects

NACADA has finally issued its findings regarding the unsettling videos that circulated online sometime in July showing people experiencing the consequences of suspected substance abuse.

The videos featured individuals exhibiting symptoms such as drowsiness, sedation, confusion, and ‘zombie-like’ behavior as they struggled to maintain an upright posture.

There were speculations that the substance in question might be fentanyl.

Wtf is happening in Mombasa?
Who will save Mombasa Youths from drug addiction? Are they using meth or? Anyone?
Where are we heading as a country?

— Omwamba (@omwambaKE) July 17, 2023

NACADA now says that the drug samples underwent thorough analysis conducted by the Government Chemist. The results of this analysis indicate that the sampled substances did not contain Fentanyl.

“First, during the fact-finding mission, twenty (20) samples in various forms were collected in three (3) counties of the Coast region and handed over to the Government Chemist for analysis and identification. From the findings, we can comfortably report that so far we do not have any reported Fentanyl case in the country,” John Muteti, NACADA’s Acting Chief Executive Officer said.

“Our diligent efforts, in collaboration with our partners and the Government Chemist, have yielded valuable insights into this matter. The absence of fentanyl in these samples is an encouraging development for our nation’s wellbeing.”

Mr Muteti said NACADA discovered that the zombie-like symptoms observed among drug users can be linked to either a single substance or a combination of factors. These include a high dosage of heroin, prescription medications such as Diazepam and Amitriptyline, the combination of methadone with heroin, or the concurrent use of heroin and Xylazine, a veterinary animal tranquilizer.

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