Nairobi Mugger Charged After He Was Arrested For Looking Suspicious

A suspect accused of robbing a pedestrian of mobile phones and cash on Outering Road in Nairobi has been charged with violent robbery.

Sammy Odhiambo stands accused of stealing two mobile phones from the victim—a Nokia 315 worth Sh12,000 and a Tecno T313 worth Sh1,500—on June 25th.

Odhiambo is accused of carrying out the offense with an accomplice who is still at large. Both individuals were allegedly armed with knives during the mugging.

The victim was walking home after work at around 7 pm when he was accosted by two knife-wielding individuals who forcefully grabbed and searched him. They allegedly threatened to stab him and made away with his two phones and Sh2,000 cash.

Shortly after the incident, police officers on patrol stopped Odhiambo because he ‘looked suspicious’. Coincidentally, the victim happened to be present at the scene and informed the police that the suspect had robbed him just moments before.

The officers conducted a search on Odhiambo and found two mobile phones and a knife stashed in his socks.

The cops escorted the suspect to Buruburu police station, where the victim provided a statement. The seized phones and knife were retained as crucial pieces of evidence for the case.

Appearing at the Makadara Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, the suspect faced a second charge of handling stolen property contrary to Section 322 (1) (2) of the Penal Code after he was found in possession of the two phones.

Odhiambo denied the charges, with Senior Principal Magistrate Gerald Mutiso granting him Sh100,000 bail for is release with a surety in the same amount.

The case has been scheduled for pre-trial proceedings and trial dates, which are set to take place on the 26th of July.

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