New KEMSA Board chair sets performance targets for all staff

The chair of the newly reconstituted Kenya Medical Supplies Authority(KEMSA) board, Irungu Nyakera, says all staff members will be assigned specific targets against which their productivity will be assessed.

This in a bid to streamline the corruption-plagued state corporation and ensure productivity.

A meeting was held on Wednesday at the national supply chain center in Embakasi, where Irungu Nyakera, and the acting CEO, Andrew Mulwa, met with the staff of the authority.

Nyakera instructed that all staff members should be placed on a performance evaluation system based on targets. This directive aims to hold them accountable and enhance productivity, recognizing that individual actions can impact the entire staff collectively.

“We cannot accomplish the vision of our President if we do not put our house in order,” the chair said.

He expressed the importance of going the extra mile to establish a trustworthy brand that Kenyans can rely on. Additionally, Nyakera acknowledged that while adversity is unwelcome and regrettable, it presents institutions with an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Nyakera highlighted that this serves as a catalyst for KEMSA to reassess its values, reconsider its strategies, and redefine its purpose in order to effectively serve Kenyans and achieve the goals of Universal Health Coverage.

“We must not shy away from the challenges that lie before us, but rather embrace them as stepping stones towards a brighter future,” he said.

KEMSA Acting CEO, on his part, stressed the importance of ensuring transparency, responsiveness, and accountability within the authority by utilizing information and communication technology throughout its business processes.

Furthermore, Mulwa urged all staff members to uphold professionalism by adhering strictly to the law and established procedures when carrying out their duties.

“It is our responsibility as KEMSA staff and management to go beyond the call of duty to deliver medical supplies to all Kenyans with passion and commitment,” Mulwa added.

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