Angry Orengo Sends This Critical Message To All MPs, Heaped Praises To Raila Over This (Video)

Siaya county senator Hon. James Orengo has today sent a critical to all Kenyan members of Parliament across the political divide to please respect the Parliament, the rule of law, and also to stop playing foolish politics citing that this has always led to passing awful bills in Parliament.

He also slammed members of Parliament who do not contribute in any motion in Parliament yet are always vocal outside Parliament building while campaigning for themselves or their party leaders.

The flamboyant lawmaker also heaped praises to his ODM party boss H.E Raila Odinga for always standing firm and always maintaining peace at all cost in the country even after the 2018 hotly contested general election which saw him being sworn-in as People’s President, but later shook hands with President Uhuru agitating that Raila even stopped the fire which was already burning in Uhuru’s jubilee party.

He finalized his sentiments by saying that nobody can stop BBI reggae citing that even former President Moi himself tried several times to stop Raila and all his political lieutenants until his last day on Earth but never succeeded.

Source: The ODM Party

Dear readers, do you think BBI reggae can never be stopped by all means as Orengo alleged? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section and follow for more news updates.

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