Nyanza Police Boss KARANJA MUIRURI ‘fired’ for being too lenient on Azimio demonstrators and ordered to report to Police Headquarters

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 – Nyanza Regional Police commander Karanja Muiruri has been relieved of his duties and recalled to police headquarters.

This is after he was accused of being too lenient to Azimio demonstrators to an extent that at some point he allowed the protesters to overpower the police instead of standing firm and using firepower to repel the protesters.

The commanders at the police headquarters were jittery that Raila Odinga’s protests were spiraling out of control in Kisumu and Muiruri was doing nothing to arrest the situation.

Filling his position will be former Eastern Regional police commander Noah Mwivanda.

Mwivanda oversaw the operations on Monday where one was shot dead in Kisumu and two others sustained injuries in Migori.

In Kisumu, the demonstrations were led by Governor Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o and his deputy, Mathews Owili.

Businesses remained closed even as leaders pleaded with their supporters to hold peaceful anti-government protests.

The morning procession was calm but things took a turn later in the day when the protesters engaged the police in running battles.

The police also lobbed teargas to disperse the rowdy youth.


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