ODM Leader Raila Odinga Honored By The Hekima Kaka Society In A Ceremony In Nairobi

The Orange Democratic Movement Leader, Raila Amollo Odinga has today in a ceremony in Nairobi been honored by the Hekima Kaka Society. Raila has been fitted by the society for sacrificing making Kenya a better country.

The organization said that Odinga has over the years displayed patriotism, wisdom and perseverance, and power. They say his decision to shake hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta brought hope to the country.

The event which has been held at Nairobi’s Kempinsky hotel was colored with smiles of Kenyans appreciating Raila Odinga.

Raila, showing much gratitude for the honor and the recognition thanked everybody who still believes in him and that the struggle for a better Kenya is still on.

Raila has been crowned, together with his wife Idah Odinga, with royal robes symbolizing greatness.

Equally in the event, where politicians from all corners of Kenya and also from outside Kenya who came to grace the event.

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