Ogopa bandits! See what they did to innocent civilians and KDF officers in Samburu amid joint operations by the military and police?

Sunday, February 26, 2023 – Bandits raided five villages in Samburu County, killing 5 civilians and injuring 3 KDF officers before stealing livestock.

According to reports, the bandits attacked Lesilampa, Lekirishati, Lempoko, Lengoseg and Lkek Sabuki villages amid a joint operation by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and National Police Service to flush them out of North Rift.

Officers exchanged serious gunfire with the bandits and managed to repel them but not before they killed 5 civilians and injured 3 KDF officers.

The attack in Samburu came barely a day after they staged another daring attack on KDF in Kainuk, Turkana County, but were repulsed by our gallant officers who managed to arrest 2 of them.

President William Ruot succumbed to pressure from leaders in the North Rift and ordered the deployment of Kenya Defence Forces and police at banditry-prone arrears to restore peace and carry out disarmament exercises.

So far, only 39 guns have been surrendered as the operation continues.


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