“Ogopa Kanairo” Reactions As Tourists Expose Nairobi Phone Snatchers (watch Full Video)

In a viral video shared by Nairobi ex governor Mike Sonko, over then thugs were caught on camera try trying to steal from a tourist.

The man who was conducting a survey on the current state of Insecurity and worrying attack.

The clip has emerged at a time Insecurity in Nairobi and its environs has been on the rise with questions raised as to what could be happening in the society.

A majority of these thugs have been arrested by detectives with a huge number of these ruthless criminals killed by irate mobs.


I know some of you will find this funny.. But this just shows how insecure one is in Nairobi.. You can lose your belongings and worse your life at any given time.. Hope the relevant authorities intevene and eliminate these hoodlums….

Kennedy Thiong’o Macharia
What if police can use same tactics to wipe out these goons out of our streets

Syotutu John
Ideally our economy is capitalism,but this politicians have turned it to a forced socialism. The only way to earn is by politician’s handouts,or employment by cronyism. Sonko is a leader in this disease called syphoning and redistributing to the society , almost every leader we have ,dances to this ideology. Acha ushenzi ,you messed the city up …..why share on social media filthy mess that you created through your greed?

Harri Son
If we Kenyans don’t put pressure on government KENYA will be worse than South Africa this this is not a laughing matter

Lizzy Khatenje
Na mbona si wanawake wanafanya hii tabiya, which means ladies re busy working wanaume wanataka vya rahisi tabiya mbaya

Wambui Mary
Mike Sonko. Kiboko yao hapo Sasa 😀😀it’s a sad state the level of joblessness and poverty leads to a country full of criminals 🙈 I wish the leaders can lease their vast parcel of lands to the jobless youths to do farming

Princê Koech Joash
The best way we eliminate this is to all resist buying secondhand phones!!

One day, just a bad luck you’ll buy a phone stolen in a murder scene. Utajua nini kilimtoa kanga manyoya

Avoid avoid avoid!

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