Pastors and Bishops are also tired of RUTO and GACHAGUA’s lies – See how NCCK blasted them over the high cost of living that is choking Kenyans?

Monday, February 27, 2023 – The Church seems to have also seen the light. This is after Church leaders faulted the government of President William Ruto on what it termed as continued politicking way past the campaign period.

Through the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), the leaders urged the government to desist from campaigns and address pressing issues facing Kenyans.

They demanded Ruto’s government stop the sideshows and address the high cost of living as a matter of urgency.

“We should now start working for Kenyans and not engage in activities that can set the country on fire because of the words we speak.

“In regard to that, NCCK has noted that the people of Kenya are suffering from the spiraling cost of living,” the Council stated in part.

NCCK further faulted the government for what it termed an exorbitant increase in consumer goods and product prices.

“While the price of basic commodities has skyrocketed, taxation is now more than what citizens can bear,” NCCK lamented.

The council observed that setting up business in Kenya was no longer friendly because over-taxation greatly reduced profits.

“We call the government to take necessary measures to reduce taxation and make the cost of living favorable and friendly to all,” the leaders urged Ruto.

Lastly, the church urged the government to take drastic measures to mitigate the adverse effects of the famine and drought.

“We request the government to declare the ongoing famine and drought as a national disaster because we are not expecting harvest earlier than July 2023,” NCCK requested Ruto’s government.

The statement by NCCK came days after Ruto revealed that he was working on reducing the price of basic commodities and that unga prices have reduced from Sh230 when he took over to Sh180 for a 2kg packet.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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