Political Experts Reveals President Uhuru’s Biggest Blunder That Gave DP Ruto a Boost In Mt Kenya Region

Political analyst Kamau Wa Kamau has faulted President Uhuru Kenyatta for the dominance of Dp Ruto’s UDA party in Mt Kenya following the Tuesday polls that have now showed how Ruto had invaded the region which was the stronghold of Jubilee party.

Speaking during an interview with TV47 Kenya, Kamau claimed that the decision of Jubilee party using opinion polls to award Jubilee party ticket to candidates was the worst mistake that gave Ruto’s UDA a good chance of whipping all the Red Army solders from the region by painting it yellow.

He has now advised that for a general election, giving the voters a mandate of choosing who to hold a party ticket should be the first considering rather than imposing a leader on voters as they will likely vote against the expectations irregardless of the political status of a candidate.

“Jubilee got into a comfort zone, they were a bit aloof. The fault was when Jubilee took opinion polls to choose their leaders instead of having party nominatins where people would choose. UDA went full throttle,” Kamau wa Kamau stated.

This comes after the UDA party of Ruto had conducted party primaries in almost all of the counties in Kenya thereby giving voters a decision to choose for themselves a leader to hold a ticket rather than what other political parties did by just awarding tickets to people after conducting opinion polls that have now been term as misleading.

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