PSC Invites Job Applications for over 700 Vacant Government Positions

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has opened applications for 789 job vacancies across various ministries and state departments.

Through a public notice, the Commission invited Kenyans who are qualified and interested to submit their applications by March 19.

The Commission’s CEO stated, “Applicants should make their submissions online through the commission’s website or jobs portal, ensuring they reach the commission on or before March 19, 2024.”

The State Department for Public Service is actively recruiting Secretaries in Management Consultancy Services, Human Resource Services, and Counselling and Wellness Services.

Additionally, the department is hiring 10 Human Resource Information Officers II, 40 Human Resource Management and Development Officers II, 50 Human Resource Management Assistant III, 9 Psychological Counsellors, 5 Management Analyst II (Organization), 100 Office Administrators II, and 300 Assistant Office Administrators.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is seeking candidates for the position of Director General of Health. Simultaneously, the State Department for Health and Professional Standards is recruiting 26 senior officials for key positions, including Deputy Director General for Health, Director of Health Management Services, Director of Public Health, and Senior Deputy Directors.

Elsewhere, the State Department for Livestock Development is accepting applications for various positions, including Veterinary Officers (30), Animal Health Officers, Zoologists, Laboratory Analysts, Leather Development Officers, Livestock Production Officers, Lecturers (106), Assistant Animal Health Officers III (20), Laboratory Technologists III, Assistant Leather Development Officers III, Assistant Livestock Production Officers III, Registered Nurse III, and Library Assistant III.

Additionally, there are openings in the State Department for Mining, including Secretary–Mines, Secretary–Geological Survey, and Directors in Geological Survey and Research, Mineral Exploration and Evaluation, Environment and Engineering Geology, Licensing, Compliance and Enforcement, as well as a Director of Commercial Explosives.

The department is also in search of Senior Principal Superintending Inspector of Explosives officials, Deputy Directors in Artisanal Mining, Quarrying Operations, and Value Addition, and Mining (Mineral Audit, Mines Health, Safety, and Environment).

Further positions include Assistant Directors in Artisanal Mining, Quarrying Operations, and Value Addition, Chief Superintending Inspector of Explosives officers, and Senior Principal Laboratory Technologists.

Lastly, the State Department for Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALS) and Regional Development is hiring a Secretary for Special Programmes.

More details regarding the available positions and the necessary qualifications can be accessed on the PSC’s website.

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