RAILA ODINGA cannot stop me from working with RUTO!! – Kisumu Senator PROF TOM OJIENDA declares

Monday, February 27, 2023 – Kisumu County Senator, Prof Tom Ojienda, has said nobody can stop his plan of working with President William Ruto.

Ojienda was among nine Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) lawmakers who deified Raila Odinga who is the party leader and met Ruto at State House early this month.

Speaking on Monday, Ojienda who is facing disciplinary action from ODM for meeting Ruto, said he doesn’t regret working with the Kenya kwanza Alliance government.

“When the government does it right, it is right, when it’s wrong, we will point it out so that we can ensure effective management of the country and its scarce resources within the law,” Ojienda said.

He also disagreed with Raila Odinga who said he doesn’t recognize Ruto as President.

“The question of legitimacy is an afterthought and is now out of order. The President passed through all the legal and/or legit processes to become President,” he said

To this extent, the current talks or questions about his ‘illegitimacy in the office are mere philosophical or political questions.

“They are not legitimate ab initio,” declared Ojienda.


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