RAILA ODINGA’s man says MUDAVADI creating an office for his wife is a huge betrayal for the ‘HUSTLERS’

Saturday, March 4, 2023 – A close lieutenant of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has castigated Prime Cabinet Secretary, Musalia Mudavadi, for using taxpayer’s money to open an office for his wife.

Speaking on Friday, Ugunja Member of Parliament, Opiyo Wandayi, said that such an office is a waste of public resources and a blatant betrayal of ‘hustlers’ who were allegedly hoodwinked to vote for the Kenya Kwanza government.

“What we have seen happening with this regime is not acceptable. You saw them create the position of Prime Cabinet Secretary. They are now busy creating positions of Chief Administrative Secretaries,” Wandayi pointed out.

Last week, Mudavadi presided over the launch of the Office of The Spouse to the Prime Cabinet Secretary, to be occupied by his wife Tessie Shangatti Mudavadi.

This attracted different reactions from politicians as well as Kenyans.

Wandayi added that the position is not recognized by the constitution or any other law.

“It is shameful that somebody can wake up and imagine that he is creating the office of the Spouse to the Prime Cabinet Secretary. It is a total loss of public money,” he said

Wandayi, who is also the Minority Leader in Parliament, spoke during the unveiling of an assistant chief’s office and a Police post in Madungu, in Sigomere Ward, Ugunja


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