Rain, which rain? Meteorological Depart now mocks RUTO as it warns Kenyans to prepare for the worst drought after prayers

Thursday, February 23, 2023 – The Kenya Meteorological Department has warned Kenyans to brace themselves for an extended drought.

Speaking during the silver jubilee of the Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum held in Nairobi, officials from the weather department cautioned that the rains expected between March and May would be insufficient to grow most crops.

“We have very low chances that we will get more than 400mm of rainfall which is required by most of the crops.”

“For example, maize requires at least 300mm of rainfall to go throughout the season but we will hardly get much rain,” the experts warned.

Therefore, insufficient rainfall is expected to exacerbate the food insecurity situation already affecting millions of families.

“We are looking at a situation where the normal crop, that is the maize, will not give us a good harvest,” the department explained.

The statement from the meteorological department came days after President William Ruto led nationwide prayers for rainfall on February 14.

The Head of State, while leading the prayers held at Nyayo Stadium, revealed that he was hopeful God will send sufficient rain.

“We know God will send us rain and Kenya will have food. We will also eradicate the shame of hunger and starvation in Kenya,” the President prayed.


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