Rapper YUNG MIAMI says she will not share her next man after sharing DIDDY with multiple women

Monday, March 6, 2023 – Yung Miami has made it clear that she will no longer share her man with other women.

The 29-year-old American rapper has been dating Diddy despite knowing he is with other women and even after he welcomed a baby with another woman.

In fact, in December 2022, she and Gina Huynh, another woman romantically linked with Diddy, dragged each other after Diddy welcomed a baby with Dana Tran.

Also in December 2022, Diddy was pictured kissing another woman.

Yet, Yung Miami continued the relationship and even joined Diddy, his family, and two baby mamas on a Yacht holiday to ring in the new year

However, on Sunday evening, it appeared she wanted her man to herself but couldn’t have him.

She tweeted: “It’s been a long week. I just want my man.”

A little while later, she wrote: “I’m not sharing my next ni***!”

This is coming just months after Yung Miami tweeted: “Tell that b**ch we gotta share.”

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