Real Madrid star FEDERICO VALVERDE ‘could face a 12-match ban for punching Villarreal’s ALEX BAENA’

Tuesday April 18, 2023 – Real Madrid midfielder, Federico Valverde could face a 12-game ban for punching Villarreal star Alex Baena after their LaLiga clash earlier this month.

Valverde punched Baena as he climbed aboard the Villarreal team bus following Villarreal’s 3-2 win at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday night, April 8 over a comment he accused of making towards his child.

Baena denied telling Valverde in a cup game earlier this year: ‘Cry now that your son is not going to be born’.

The comment was alleged to have been made around the time Valverde’s wife was in danger of losing the couple’s second child.

According to The Athletic, the Spanish FA’s competition committee – who are an independent disciplinary body – will investigate the matter.

Valverde and Baena will be interviewed by the Spanish FA’s competition committee and asked to recall the events that took place after Real’s 3-2 defeat by Villarreal.

If found guilty, Valverde will serve a domestic ban – which could span anywhere from four games to a maximum of 12.

However, there is still a possibility that Real Madrid’s Uruguay international could escape a ban despite lashing out at Baena on April 8.

A judge may feel they lack the jurisdiction required to suspend Valverde as the incident did not take place during the game itself.

The Uruguay international confirmed to Marca he did let his ‘aggression’ get the better of him in the car park after the game. However, he insisted it was warranted.

Baena has denied reports claiming he made comments about Valverde’s family and his unborn child – claiming such allegations are ‘totally false’.

He took to social media after the game to say: ‘Very happy with the impressive victory for the team on a stage like the Santiago Bernabeu, but at the same time very sad about the aggression I suffered after the match.’

Baena went on to add: ‘[I am] surprised by what is being said about my person. It is totally false that I said [comments about Valverde’s family].’

Baena also released a statement claiming his family had been subjected to death threats following the controversy, adding that he would let the police investigate.

Meanwhile, Villarreal issued the following statement on April 9: ‘Villarreal CF player Alex Baena was assaulted last night on his way to the team bus after the match against Real Madrid CF at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

‘Once again, Villarreal CF rejects any act of violence and firmly believes in the version of its player and will support him throughout this process’. 

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