Reality TV star, WHITEMONEY, tenders public apology to women after making a comment many felt was condescending (VIDEO)

Tuesday March 28, 2023 – Big Brother Season 6 winner, Whitemoney, has tendered an apology to women after putting out a write-up many felt was condescending.

Last week, the reality TV star had put up what seemed like an “inspirational post” where he said “no woman is out of a man’s league as long as he has money.”

‘I don’t know who needs to hear this man. No woman is out of your league bro. Just make money and create your own games. They are going to play” he said

His comment received a backlash from women who felt disrespected.

He also had a face-off with former actress, Victoria Inyama, and fellow Big Brother star, Doyin over his comment.

On Monday, a video of him speaking in a podcast where he was trying to justify his statement, went viral.

According to him, women associate with men when they are at their ‘finished stage’ and not at their ‘beginning stage’’.

He was again attacked by women for that again.

In a video shared this morning on his Instagram page, Whitemoney tendered an apology to women who did not get the ‘point’ he was trying to make.

Watch the video of him apologizing below

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