Rongai Woman Stabs Her Kids To Death, Turns Knife on Husband, Self

On Thursday morning, a tragic incident unfolded in Ongata Rongai town, Kajiado North Sub County, where a woman fatally stabbed her two children and subsequently injured her husband and herself.

According to official police reports, the shocking incident occurred following a domestic dispute, where the 28-year-old woman resorted to using kitchen knives to fatally stab her six-year-old daughter and two-year-old son.

After stabbing to death her children, the woman proceeded to stab her husband multiple times before turning the knife on herself. The incident took place at Taaria Apartments, where neighbors reportedly heard a commotion from the couple’s house on the fourth floor.

The caretaker, Paul Isaboke, said he also heard the husband’s cries for help as he writhed in pain.

“As usual, we heard a commotion from the house, but we did not know it would end tragically. The two minors were lying in a pool of blood when we managed to open the door,” said a neighbour.

The neighbours rushed the couple to the nearby Sinai Health Centre.

Kajiado North police commander Hussein Gura confirmed the incident and said the two were moved to the Kenyatta National Hospital in critical condition.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that the couple was involved in a domestic dispute that led to the bizarre murders and they have been transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital,” the commander said.

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