Ruto Announces Employment Opportunities for 250,000 Kenyans in Germany

President William Ruto announced at a cabinet retreat in Naivasha, Nakuru County on Monday that a pending deal between Kenya and Germany to provide 250,000 job opportunities is set to be finalized before June 2024.

He revealed that the European nation has agreed to open doors to 250,000 professional, skilled, and semi-skilled Kenyans to meet Germany’s substantial labor requirements.

Ruto stated that, with the assistance of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Principal Secretary (PS) Roseline Njogu, they will ink the deal in the next four months.

“Roseline just came back from Germany. We are almost completing the agreement with the German government because they have asked us for 250,000 job opportunities and they want us to conclude the agreement before June. The same thing is going on with different countries,” said Ruto.

The President also noted that he has conducted numerous negotiations with other nations to create job opportunities for Kenyan youths. He urged the Kenya Kwanza legislators to provide ample support to help him achieve his ambitions.

“There are jobs out there, there are young people all over the place. We need to connect them to the opportunities. Any serious leader will listen to what I have said and do something about it,” he said.

Ruto expressed concern about the insufficient number of Kenyan nurses being sent to Saudi Arabia, highlighting that out of the required 2,500, only 500 have successfully traveled.

He urged leaders to demonstrate commitment to his government’s cause and assist the Health Ministry in reaching the remaining nurses and those who will be interested once new deals are negotiated.

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