RUTO’s government is too wasteful – DAVID NDII now admits as he accuses the president and GACHAGUA of leading in wastage 

Tuesday, April 11, 2023 – President William Ruto’s economic advisor David Ndii has accused the Kenya Kwanza government of being deliberately wasteful when the economy is nosediving to the point that it can’t pay its workers.

Speaking during an interview, Ndii, who described himself as too open to a fault, claimed that President William Ruto and his Deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, are leading in the wastage, having gobbled their entire year’s budget in just six months.

Explaining the dwindling economic situation in the country, Ndii claimed that the squandering in State House and various government bodies was deliberate and that various independent agencies were unbothered about the situation as their actions were limited. 

He alleged that the Controller of Budget, Auditor General and various investigative agencies could not reign in and stop the misuse of government resources.

“Government is extremely wasteful, there is not a single day that I am not exasperated by not just how wasteful it is but by how deliberate it is and how unbothered people are,” Ndii revealed.

“They are unable to reign in (referring to independent agencies). They are totally helpless. Every government is wasteful,” he added.

Ruto’s economic advisor insisted that the government needed to put up systems that would stop the deliberate squandering of public funds, including strengthening the office of the Auditor General.


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