RUTO’s prayers are not working as revenue declines despite his spirited efforts to turn things around – See what KRA collected since he was elected?

Friday, February 17, 2023 – President William Ruto is in a rude shock after the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) missed its target in revenue collection since the Kenya Kwanza government came into office.

According to the data, KRA missed its target by a whopping Sh43.2 billion. It collected a total of Sh985 billion in taxes for the last six months, falling short of its target of Sh1.028 trillion.

This is a big problem for Ruto, considering that he has been encouraging people to pay their taxes and even going to churches praying for Kenyans to pay taxes to enable him to do better.

The taxation issue has seen him go head-to-head with his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta whom he accused of evading tax.

The president has also introduced new taxes which would ordinarily increase revenues, but as it is, revenue is declining.

It now remains to be seen what he will do next to turn things around to ensure KRA meets its target.


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