Scholarships awaiting your children who got 250 marks and above in the 2020 KCPE. (Download Forms)

The Wings to Fly scholarship program

An initiative of the Equity Group and Mastercard Foundation (MCF), was established to support secondary education for top performing children from financially challenged backgrounds. With support from other partners, the program offers access to leadership training to previously marginalized children in all counties.

KCB Foundation High School Scholarship

To qualify for a KCB Scholarship;

The applicant must come from a needy homeThe applicant must attain the prescribed county cut off marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination

The applicant must have a calling latter to a national or county/ex-county secondary school.

Presidential Secondary Schools Bursary (Pssb)Those who sat for KCPE & got 250 marks and above to apply for the above started bursary. Kshs. 30,000 maximum per year.To qualify for PSSB, You must fulfill the following:

1. 250 marks & above

2. Total orphan

3. Birth certificate for applicant

4. Death certificate for both parents

5. Calling letter to Secondary School

6. Fee structure

7. Public Secondary School (Boarding) Application Forms are available at sub-county children office

Mpesa academy Foundation Scholarship

The Academy is an inclusive learning environment and qualifying students with disabilities are encouraged to apply. The admissions cycle runs from May to November each year, and consists of filling and returning an application form and, a multiple stage evaluation process including, telephone and in person interviews, for selected applicants. Only successful applicants are contacted after the interview.

The Elimu Kenya Scholarship Fund (Elimu Fund)

The recipient must have received admission to a public or private secondary school that is recognized as such by the Ministry of Education in Kenya. The scholarship, in most cases, will cover 100% of the tuition, dormitory room and board (where applicable), and other associated costs, such as books, uniforms, travel, and a monthly stipend.

(a)Submit the application online

(b) Admission letter to the School you intend to go (Email a scan copy to

(c)Wait to be contacted


Qualified applicants

  1. Orphaned child of a former Mwalimu member.

2. Scored 350 marks or more in 2019 KCPE.

3. Admitted to a high school

4. Proof of parenthood to be confirmed via BBF or Nominee list plus a birth certificate.

This scholarship stretch to university.

Consideration will be alongside other cases received by the branch.

Beacon High School Scholarships

Up to 6 new Beacon Scholarships for Schools are available each new academic year at Beacon Partner Schools. Applicants must be Nominated by their current School Head and gain an offer of admission to a Beacon Partner School.


Beacon Scholarships are only available to students from KENYA, UGANDA, TANZANIA, and ZAMBIA.

Apply online

International school of Kenya scholarship

High School Scholarships for Kenyan citizens. The specific aim is to provide opportunities for low to middle income Kenyan students to participate in an academically rich and culturally diverse experience that will open the doors to university admission (and potentially further scholarship support) to the best universities in the world.


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