School Closing dates in Preparation for the National Examinations

With the government launching ambitious reforms that aim to raise educational standards through a variety of means, including changing textbook policies, professional teacher development policies, and competency-based curricula (CBC), despite disruption from COVID-19, the Republic of Kenya has significantly improved in terms of educational issues (coronavirus).

Now, to all parents and guardians with children in primary schools, academies, and secondary schools: as the Kenyan government orders the school calendar, our pupils will return home.

We have faced significant difficulties with our pupils as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the political controversy that our students briefly experienced during our school’s election.

Our third- and fourth-graders give their best wishes for the approaching tests since we are aware that they will begin their final exams the following week.

Education is one of the most significant investments that a country or individual can make, which in turn promotes equitable growth and reduces poverty. It is essential to take learning efforts for granted because a solid foundation must be built before any success can be realized.

In order to address the issues with quality, the Republic of Kenya, a leading rival in the field of advancement, has begun extensive reforms.

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