School principal and gym teacher fired after allegedly having SEX romps on campus (PHOTOs)

Thursday, February 9, 2023 – An elementary school principal and a gym teacher from Georgia, USA who engaged in a years-long affair have both been fired after allegedly having sex on school grounds.

Some of the sexcapades between Banks County Elementary School Principal Dana Simmons, who is married, and physical education teacher Dylan Charles were even caught on camera by Charles’ wife, WSB-TV reported, citing an internal report that was conducted by an external firm.

The school affair came to light after Simmons accused Charles of accessing secret school district information either by bugging her office or having a source inside the county’s school board, the report issued at the end of January 2023 states.

After that issue was settled, Charles looked for district officials and admitted to having an affair with Simmons and said they even had sex at the elementary school, as well as off-campus, the report states.

Simmons reportedly claimed at first the two only had an ‘inappropriate friendship’ and denied any sexual contact.

But Charles came with apparent receipts of the sexual encounters, including one of him and Simons kissing mouth to mouth and another photo of a naked man and woman inside a vehicle having sex that Charles said was him and Simmons, the report states.

Other photos showed a woman identified as Simmons performing oral sex on a man inside a vehicle and a naked woman standing inside a room that is near Simmons’ office at the school, the report states.

Texts between him, his wife and Simmons were also handed over to internal investigators, according to the report.

‘Again, there is no context added to the pictures or the text messages, but the totality of the evidence tends to support Mr. Charles’s claim of an inappropriate relationship between Dr. Simmons and Mr. Charles,’ the report states.

During her interview with the outside firm, Simmons fessed up to having a sexual relationship with Charles, but denied having sex on school grounds, according to the report. She insisted the sexual liaisons were set up by the PE teacher’s wife Kelsey Charles and that she even watched the two have sex, the report states.

A confidant of Simmons told investigators she once saw a text to Simmons from Kelsey Charles that point blank asked, ‘Would you like to f’ my husband’’

Wife Kelsey Charles, in an interview with the independent investigative firm, alleged Simmons made promises to both her and her husband that she’d help their careers and also claimed Simmons was ‘manipulating’ them, the report says. She also accused Simmons of pressuring her to allow her to sleep with her husband, the report states.

‘There is conclusive evidence of a sexual relationship between Dr. Simmons and Mr. Charles,’ staff from internal investigators John Grant & Dr. Paul Shaw wrote.

‘Pictures, Video, Admissions by both parties, Verification by Kelsey Charles.’

The firm additionally concluded evidence indicated sexual activity occurred at Banks County Elementary School.

The school district told WSB-TV in a statement ‘the educators involved are no longer teaching Banks County students,’ but stressed no crime had taken place. The two resigned, the Macon Telegraph reported.

‘Upon receiving allegations involving the matter at hand, the District immediately hired independent investigators to conduct an investigation and provide a report of findings,’ Banks County Superintendent Ann Hopkins said in a statement to WSB-TV.

‘The investigative report in question was reviewed by law enforcement for evidence of criminal activity and none was found. The educators involved are no longer teaching Banks County students.

‘The safety and well-being of our students is always our first priority. The investigation into this event did not yield any indication that student safety or security was compromised.’

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