See how ‘cornered’ RUTO reacted after RAILA opened the window for talks to end his mass action against the government?

Sunday, March 5, 2023 – President William Ruto has responded to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s demands to drop his protests against the government and agree to talk.

Raila had indicated that he would be open to holding talks with Ruto provided that three demands were met, among them opening the IEBC servers for scrutiny, stopping the recruitment of IEBC Commissioners, and reducing the cost of living.

However, Ruto termed Raila’s demands for the opening of the IEBC servers as unconstitutional.

Speaking in Nakuru County, the Head of State explained that he did not have the legal mandate to open the servers despite Raila’s push.

He advised the ODM boss to seek legal redress on the matter.

“I have told Raila to stop disturbing me with issues with the server. There is nowhere in the law that states that the President should open the server. 

“I do not have time to open the server.”

“Let us respect the rule of law. Do not make demands that are unconstitutional, that are extra-legal and extra-judicial. We will follow the law. 

“So, if they want, let them go and make a law on who should open the servers,” he stated.

He also noted that he was focusing on reviving the economy and would not be distracted by the calls of the Opposition.

“I told him that the servers were opened long ago. Where was he? The server was opened during the elections. Didn’t you find your biometrics when you went to vote? Where was he?

“Our focus is on the economy and that is what we are doing,” he stated.


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