See how MARTHA KARUA reacted to KINDIKI’s directive after 2 people were shot dead by police during demonstrations in Chuka?

Monday, April 10, 2023 – NARC Kenya Party Leader Martha Karua weighed in on Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki’s directive after two people were shot dead by police officers while demonstrating in Chuka Town on Saturday. 

In a statement, Karua stated that the police should ensure law and order during demonstrations instead of forcefully breaking them. 

“We must nurture a culture of respecting the right to demonstrate peacefully, where the sole duty of the police is to ensure law & order instead of forcefully breaking the demonstration. It’s the sure way to preserve life and protect property,” said Karua. 

Kindiki, in a statement on Saturday night, stated that a high-level investigative team has been dispatched to Chuka to interrogate the matter. 

“Tonight, high-level investigative teams have been dispatched to Chuka Town to take over enquiry and recommend legal action on those found responsible for the death of one person last week as well as a second person shot dead during the demonstrations that caused the blocking of the Embu- Meru Highway most of the afternoon today. Any person(s) at whom evidence will point shall face the course of justice,” Kindiki stated.


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