See how Senator AARON CHERUIYOT reacted after the Infotrak survey revealed that RUTO is taking the Country to the dogs?

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 – Senate Majority Leader Aaron Cheruiyot has blasted Infotrak over the latest opinion poll which revealed that the country is headed in the wrong direction under President William Ruto’s leadership.

Venting on Twitter, Cheruiyot accused Infotrak of doctoring the report.

“Infotrak, the crooks who couldn’t even correctly predict an MCA race have showered and come back to the market like they never left. 

“I am sure they believe there are folks who will give a bother to their ever-doctored findings. Such gutsy chaps,” Cheruiyot stated.

According to the Infotrak survey released yesterday, most Kenyans believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction due to the high cost of living, high taxation, and poor governance.

“73% of Kenyans mentioned the high cost of living, followed by high taxation at 5%, unemployment at 5%, poor governance at 4%, bad politics at 3%, and drought, poverty rampant corruption and unequal distribution of jobs all at 1%,” Infotrak stated.

The report also stated that most Kenyans want the Ruto government to bring down the high cost of living while others pointed out unemployment and the quality of education.

“The 2,149 Kenyans want the cost of living to be addressed as a matter of priority, unemployment was mentioned by 30%, quality of education, 19% want agriculture to be addressed insecurity and poverty reduction tied at 14% then access to clean water was mentioned by 13%.

“Cost of doing business 12%, transport and infrastructure 12%. Another two that had a double-digit of 11% each was access to health care services and corruption,” the report added.

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