See what KDF did to daring bandits who attacked them in Kainuk, Turkana County while on a revenge mission? They got what they deserved

Friday, February 24, 2023 – The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) repulsed armed bandits who ambushed them in Kainuk, Turkana County, in what was perceived as a revenge mission.

Rift Valley regional Commissioner Abdi Hassan confirmed the incident where KDF managed to overpower bandits in a shootout. 

According to Hassan, the armed bandits attacked the KDF officers but were repulsed in a fierce shootout that led to the arrest of two. 

Reports indicated that the bandits were rebelling against the enforced radical measures by the government of President William Ruto to tame their operations.

“The only incident we had was in Kainuk, where bandits attempted to raid the police and attack members of the KDF.”

“I think they met what they were looking for, they were repulsed, and we arrested two bandits,” Hassan stated.

Locals also suspected that the bandits were regrouping before carrying out more attacks. 

One of the residents noted that larger groups of armed bandits were spotted in their usual areas at 11 am.

In the ongoing operations, the bandits lost their firemen, and some were killed, injured, or arrested, fuelling their need for revenge.

Kenya also contacted Uganda, asking President Yoweri Museveni to organize a counter-operation to flush out bandits crossing into the neighbouring country.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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