Shakahola Death Toll Rises As 12 More Bodies Exhumed

An additional 12 bodies were exhumed at the Shakahola forest crime scene Wednesday, bringing the total count of remains found to 372.

This comes after forty new mass graves were discovered on Monday when the fourth phase of the Shakahola cult exhumations kicked off.

On Wednesday, Coast Regional Commissioner Rhoda Onyancha also announced that there have been no recent arrests made in relation to the deaths.

Onyancha further reported that the tally of rescued individuals currently stands at 95, and the number of DNA samples collected for analysis has reached 253.

The commissioner said the exhumation would continue deeper into the forest on Thursday, with more remains expected from the new mass graves.

“We have 40 unopened graves, and we suspect that each grave may contain more than one body. Therefore, it poses a significant challenge,” Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki said earlier this week.

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